Going Pink for a cause! Coastal Scents – Think Pink Palette

Welcome back to my blog! Hope everybody had a good week. My days at work is just getting too much to handle these days. But it’s cool! Another week of work, and then I am off for a vacaaaayy, baby!! Yesss! My brother is getting married, and I am soooo looking forward to welcoming the new member and dress up and have a blast, but most importantly; I am dying (like literally every single day!) for a break from my work and life here. I will be back next month, since I am utilizing all my annual leaves for this. Hence, I won’t be posting anything on blog till then. Apologizing in advance!

Anyhooo! Moving on to today’s post, since it’s the month of PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness; I decided to dedicate my post for this cause. With the Burj Khalifa going pink, I am here to review The Coastal Scents – Think Pink Palette, going Pink for this cause.


This was my first Coastal Scent purchase ordered via Laylam.ae. They are local merchants here in the UAE and offer a lot of brands that are not available physically in the market here. Thier service and delivery is very prompt.



About the product:
The color that dominated your dollhouse can now become a staple in your makeup collection with the Think Pink Palette. Containing twelve highly pigmented shades that range from pastel pink, deep rose to matte black. This palette allows you to create endless girly or sultry pink looks. The shades included are a combination of matte and shimmery finish and can be applied dry or wet for a deeper, longer lasting effect. The eye shadow pots are held magnetically in the matte black palette imprinted with the Coastal Scents logo and palette name.

Talc, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Mineral Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Methylparaben. May Contain : Mica and Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Violet, Chromium Oxide Green, FD&C Red No.40 Al Lake, FD&C Yellow No.5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue No.1 Al Lake.
Palette: 5.75″ x 4.28″ x 0.5″ (14.6cm x 10.9cm x 1.3cm)
Mirror: 5.44″ x 4″ (13.8cm x 10.2cm)
Eye Shadow Pot Diameter: 1″ (2.5cm)
Net Weight: 15.6g / 0.48oz

My review on the Think Pink Palette:
The palette comes in a sleek, black, sturdy case with a full size mirror and all the Hot Pot™ fits snugly into their magnetic palette. Despite the 12 colors, it’s very compact to carry while you’re travelling. If only it came with an applicator or makeup brush, my life would have been complete.


The palette has ingredients mentioned at the back of the case.


As the product claims, the palette contains 12 super gorgeous highly pigmented eye shadows which includes pinks, silver and even matte black to let your creativity loose and create looks ranging from innocent-girl-next-door look to the bad girl look.


All the shades are individual Hot Pot™ from the Coastal Scent brand and can be purchased separately if one wishes to. Each Hot Pot™ has its unique name and code mentioned on the flipside of the colors.

The pans can be depotted and replaced with other colors. Hence, all the colors can be individually bought from their website. The pans can be removed easily without damaging much of the product.


All the colors in the palette are super pigmented and has a smooth finish. The palette includes a combination of matte and metallic shimmer. The matte colors have sheer to opaque finish, where as the metallic shimmers have frosty to semi-opaque finish.

What I love about this palette is that, they have include one matte black eyeshadow which is perfect to create smokey look. The colors blend easily and can be used wet as well for intense color and shimmer.

Below are the Hot Pots with their names:


S031 Baby Pink
A soft, pastel pink hue with a sheer, satin finish.
Finish : Matte. Application : Sheer

B01 Rosy Pink
A soft, mauve shade with a matte finish.
Finish : Matte. Application : Opaque

M008 Cinnabar Rose
A ripe, berry maroon hue with a matte finish.
Finish : Matte. Application : Semi-Opaque

B002 Magenta Pink
A deep, vivid pink hue that delivers a matte finish.
Finish : Matte. Application : Semi-Opaque

ME14 Light Pink
A soft sweep of pink with a high shimmer finish.
Finish :Shimmer. Application : Semi-Sheer

ME20 Mauve Frost
An icy pink hue with a ultra shimmer finish.
Finish : Shimmer. Application : Opaque

ME19 Pink Frost
An icy, pastel pink hue with a shimmer finish.
Finish :Shimmer. Application : Opaque

ME12 Coral Rose
An iridescent coral-pink hue with a metallic, shimmer finish.
Finish : Shimmer. Application : Semi-Opaque

 ME07 White Silver
A shimmering white hue with silver sparks.
Finish : Shimmer. Application : Sheer

ME004 Light Plum
A warm mauve hue that delivers a shimmer finish.
Finish :Shimmer. Application : Opaque

ME18 Steel Grey
A deep metallic grey with a shimmer finish.
Finish : Shimmer. Application : Opaque

 M23 Gunmetal
A sultry, deep grey with a slight, satiny finish.
Finish : Satin. Application : Semi-Opaque




R-L: Baby Pink (Matte), Rosy Pink (Matte), Cinnabar Pink (Matte), Magenta Pink (Matte)
Middle Row
R-L: Light Pink (Metallic Shimmer), Mauve Frost (Metallic Shimmer), Pink Frost (Metallic Shimmer), Coral Rose (Metallic Shimmer)
Last Row
R-L: White Silver (Metallic Shimmer), Light Plum (Metallic Shimmer), Steel Grey (Metallic Shimmer), Gunmetal (Satin)


– Pigmented
– Matte and shimmer in one palette
– Can be applied wet for intesne look
– Easy to blend
– Compact case for travelling
– Large functional mirror
– All the colors complement each other
– The black in the palette make everything perfect
– Pans can be depotted easily without damaging the product
– Single pans available online

– Does not come with any applicator or makeup brush 😦

Final Verdict:
Who doesn’t like pink? I was never fond of pink till I got this palette. With this palette, you can create i-am-an-angel-princess to bad-ass-biker-girl look. It’s like bundle of Barbie joy palette. I got this palette long back, hence I am not sure if local merchants still have them now with all the other companies coming up in the market. Nevertheless, Coastal Scents will always be my first love for makeup.


Stay Blessed and Beautiful

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