Essence DIP Liner Waterproof in Black

Happy long weekend again! This year has been filled with long weekends. Being in a city where life is always in a rush, it is a blessing to have such weekends.

Today I am reviewing yet another product from the affordable brand Essence – DIP Liner Waterproof in Black. I love gel liner’s, but sometimes when I am in a rush I prefer something that is quick and easy to apply on the go. With gel liners, you need to find the brush and then the product (which is lost in my makeup stash). So eyeliner’s like these are life savers.


About the Product:
Eyeliner perfectionists – rejoice! Pull off ultra long lasting and high coverage eyeliner looks with this special applicator that is safe and easy to use. Also available in a waterproof version.


Mr Review on Essence DIP Liner Waterproof in Black.
The casing of the liner is small and comes in a sleek cylindrical tube. The name of the brand is mentioned in pretty blue font.



The applicator is soft felt-tip type. It glides on smoothly, without breaking your art in between. Most liner tips I used in the past, always made me break in between the application; thus making me restart all over again and giving me Panda eyes. The length of the applicator has perfect size – not too long or short. Somewhere in between.




The eyeliner is not complete jet black, but is a dark black (which makes sense, since there is no variation of black!). One swipe will give you intense color. However, too much of application of the product may make your liner stiff and hard, stuff making your eyelids heavy. It dries matte – which is huge plus point for me, as I HATE glossy finishes. Pigmentation of the product is awesome.

The texture of the product is not runny nor too thick. The consistency is great. It glides on smoothly without tugging or pulling your eyelids.

The eyeliner though takes dew seconds to dry up completely. But once dried, it last throughout the day. Being waterproof  liner, it does not wash off with water (duh!) nor it smudges. I have to literally rub my eyelids off to get rid of every bit of the liner. But then again, use of good makeup remover will make your life easier (I use Johnsons Baby Oil Spray).


– Affordable
– Sleek and small packaging
– Soft felt-tip applicator
– Dries Matte
– Awesome color pay-off
– Consistent texture
– Water and smudge proof
– Dries quickly
– Long lasting

– Difficult to remove without a good makeup remover
– Can make your eyelids if heavy is applied more than once

Final Verdict:
All in all, this line is my current favorite. It is hassle free, long lasting, pigmented and affordable. Anyone looking for budget friendly liner, highly recommend this eyeliner.


Stay Blessed and Beautiful!

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